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What People Think of Pat

Attending the Figuring Yourself Out workshop was both exhilarating and exhausting!  My challenge was to actively participate, interact meaningfully with other participants, and seek personal growth opportunities.

Although Pat continually challenged the class, the atmosphere was one of acceptance and understanding.  Even during highly charged personal reflections, Pat never left our sides.  Everyone was able and willing to both share and comment in a nurturing non-threatening environment.  I learned from Pat, and most importantly, my fellow students!

Mike F. Arizona

If you have questions about what is happening in your life, and want to have real breakthroughs, and you are ready to commit to a life changing experience then I highly recommend Pat Honiotes as a coach.  I can only speak for myself that I have actually had this happen to me. I have had continual breakthroughs, growth, and questions answered, and life changing experience for myself.  I was ready, still are, and I continue to commit to myself on this path of growth with Pat.  Pat has helped me see myself, listen to myself, and helped me take action where I needed to,  called the journey of life.  If you  are ready to have great things happen to you, give Pat a try.  I highly recommend Pat and her courses, which have helped me learn more about myself and search for what was missing in my life.  She has also helped me visualize what can be better and healthier for myself mentally, spiritually, and even in my business.  I have had great things happen to me because I have committed to taking these courses, and a path of seeking the truth, knowledge, action and responsibility for myself with Pat’s coaching help.  Great Coach!!!

Alicia B Scottsdale AZ

I work regularly with Pat one on one because she sees through all my excuses and justifications and supports me to keep me on track to get what I want.

Shelagh J

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