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What People Think of Pat

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Figuring Yourself Out workshop is an intense 3 day workshop full of life understanding. The awarenesses I made are so significant, they have a daily impact on my life still to this day. Pat Honiotes mixes the right amount of compassion, tough love, and knowledge to make the workshop worth the time and investment.

Jacque H. Kansas April 6, 2015

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When I first started working with Pat, I didn’t realize I was ‘stuck’.  I was literally a walking zombie of self-doubt, confusion, and emotionally inert.    It’s been through my work with her that I have been able to release SO many past ideas, beliefs, hurts, and behaviors, and really allow myself to grow into the person I am meant to be.  Sometimes, I can get so caught up in day to day living, that I do not take care of myself and my needs.  We all need that opportunity to ‘check in’, to deal with and work through issues that arise so they don’t end up causing us more harm.  That is exactly what Pat gives you; an opportunity to check in with your feelings; to coach you using a ‘say it like it is’ way to figure out what’s going on.  I am so grateful that I have been open to working with Pat over these last few years, and I am in a better place because of it.  My relationships are healthier, my business is flowing, and I have improved my self-worth and self-love.

Jena T February 18, 2015

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If you have questions about what is happening in your life, and want to have real breakthroughs, and you are ready to commit to a life changing experience then I highly recommend Pat Honiotes as a coach.  I can only speak for myself that I have actually had this happen to me. I have had continual breakthroughs, growth, and questions answered, and life changing experience for myself.  I was ready, still are, and I continue to commit to myself on this path of growth with Pat.  Pat has helped me see myself, listen to myself, and helped me take action where I needed to,  called the journey of life.  If you  are ready to have great things happen to you, give Pat a try.  I highly recommend Pat and her courses, which have helped me learn more about myself and search for what was missing in my life.  She has also helped me visualize what can be better and healthier for myself mentally, spiritually, and even in my business.  I have had great things happen to me because I have committed to taking these courses, and a path of seeking the truth, knowledge, action and responsibility for myself with Pat’s coaching help.  Great Coach!!!

Alicia B Scottsdale AZ February 18, 2015

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